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(geordnet nach Erscheinungsdatum der Originalausgabe, die Taschenbücer haben manchmal eine andere Reihenfolge)            

In diesen Büchern bekommst Du einen ausführlichen Eindruck des amerikanischen Ausstellungswesens, wie es hierzulande nicht bekannt ist. Professionelle Handler ziehen mit einer ganzen Meute Hunde von Show zu Show. Die Hunde werden, wie am Beispiel der Pudel zu lesen, extrem zurechtgemacht und niemand findet etwas dabei.

A Pedigree to Die for
hier bestellen A Pedigree to Die for
Berenson, Laurien, 1995
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575663740, US$ 5,99

Thinking her life could not be worse after a disastrous summer peaks with her uncle's death, Melanie Travis realizes that she is in for more trouble when the disappearance of her uncle's prize-winning poddle suggests that murder has taken place.

hier bestellen Underdog
Berenson, Laurien, 1996
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 075820292X, US$ 6,50

When her course at Connecticut's classiest dog obedience school is interrupted by a murder, amateur sleuth Melanie Travis, accompanied by companion Sam Driver, enters the championship circuit and discovers a wealth of suspects.

Dog Eat Dog
hier bestellen Dog Eat Dog
Berenson, Laurien, 1996
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575662272, US$ 5,99

When money turns up missing from the exclusive Belle Haven Kennel Club and one of the members is found dead in a parking lot, Melanie Travis--teacher, single parent, and proud owner of Faith, a rambunctious Standard Poodle pup--finds herself moving closer to a killer desperate enough to strike again.

Hair of the Dog
hier bestellen Hair of the Dog
Berenson, Laurien, 1997
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575663562, US$ 5,99

When Barry Turk, a notorious gigolo and poodle handler whose antics and attitude in the dog show circuit are despised, is murdered, Melanie Travis must rely on her keen skills of detection to wade through a wealth of suspects to sniff out a killer.

hier bestellen Watchdog
Berenson, Laurien, 1998
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575664720, US$ 5,99

Frank Turnbull just can't stay out of scrapes. Even though he lives one town away, he only drops in on Melanie Travis, his sister in Greenwich, to ask for money or emergency help. So it figures that when Frank seems to land a big deal, a partnership with deep-pockets Stamford developer Marcus Rattigan, there's trouble ahead. Neglected by the contractors, the partners proposed coffeehouse languishes and begins to collapse; then, after unlovely revelations of Marcus's slick perfidy and a...

 Hush Puppy
hier bestellen Hush Puppy
Berenson, Laurien, 1999
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575666006, US$ 5,99

When the caretaker at Howard Academy turns up dead after being spotted arguing with a girl young enough to be his daughter, teacher Melanie Travis is on the case, but her romantic rival complicates matters as she tries to solve the mystery.

hier bestellen Unleashed
Berenson, Laurien, 2000
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575666804, US$ 5,99

When her fiancé Sam's ex-wife, Sheila Vaughn, the new co-publisher of Woof!, a gossipy trade magazine for the dog show world, turns up dead, strangled with a leather dog leash, Melanie Travis embarks on her own investigation into the crime, which could reveal the dark secrets of a number of important ...

 Once Bitten
hier bestellen Once Bitten
Berenson, Laurien, 2001
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 0758201826, US$ 6,50

Much of the story concerns part-time teacher Melanie and her seven-year-old son, Davey, traveling around Connecticut to show their standard poodle, Faith, at various competitions. Meanwhile, Melanie's fiance, Sam, has taken off for reasons (and parts) unknown; her brother, Frank, is about to be married to the lovely Bertie; and her Aunt Peg is, as usual, bossing everyone around. When Sara...

Hot Dog
hier bestellen Hot Dog
Berenson, Laurien, 2002
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 1575667827, US$ 6,50

In the ninth installment of this beloved cozy series featuring teacher, prize-winning poodle owner and amateur sleuth Melanie Travis, a young journalist hopes Melanie's penchant for stumbling over dead bodies will lead her to a career-making story. But as Melanie tells the woman, at this point her life is pretty dull dull, that is, if you discount her tangled personal life. Melanie's ex-fiance, who left for six months to find himself, has just returned; her ex-husband ...

Best in Show hier bestellen Best in Show
Berenson, Laurien, 2003
Kensington Publishing Corporation,
ISBN 1575667843, US$ 6,50

Melanie leaves her seven-year-old son, Davey, and dog, Faith, with her ex-husband while she travels with Eve to the Poodle Club of America National Specialty dog show in Maryland. Melanie's Aunt Peg, who runs the show, directs her to work with two eccentric sisters from Georgia who look alike, dress alike and finish each other's sentences "like a pair of bickering bookends." When one of them falls on a hotel porch and is fatally injured, it looks like an accident-at first...

Jingle Bell Bark (englisch) hier bestellen Jingle Bell Bark"
Berenson, Laurien, 2004
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN 157566786X, US$ 6,50

This year, all Melanie wants for Christmas is a dull moment - but she's not going to get it. Between her eight-year-old son Davey, her teaching job, and showing her soon-to-be champion Standard Poodle puppy, Eve, there just aren't enough hours in the day. Davey's in the Christmas play and the holidays are in full swing, so she'd like to make merry...or at least get around to decorating the tree! It would also be nice to spend a little time with her fiance, Sam.

But when Davey's usual bus driver, Henry Pruitt, disappears and is replaced by a surly, pierced, gum-chewing twentysomething, Melanie is concerned. The elderly, amiable Henry was a friend to all in the neighborhood, so she decides to check on him...only to find that he died two days earlier under suspicious circumstances...

Raining Cats and Dogs (englisch)
Raining Cats and Dogs
Berenson, Laurien, 2005
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN
0758208146, US$ 6,99

It's an all-new case for Melanie: a husband, an eight-year-old son and, count them, five poodles. Finding a new, bigger house is at the top of her agenda. To add to the mayhem, Melanie has got the task of keeping an eye on her disconcertingly beautiful new neighbour, whose absent husband is nearly as worrisome as her seven wander outdoor cats. Melanie's poodles are constantly being provoked by the frisky felines. Melanie is not going to let all of the chaos in her life deter her from enrolling her dog Faith in obedience school. The South Avenue Obedience Club to be exact, which seems to be a fun challenge. Melanie is especially eager to bring faith to the group's program at the Winston Pumpernill Nursing Home. Obedience club member Paul Lennox initiated the outings to please his Great Aunt Mary and the other dog lovers at Winston Pumpernill. All is nice and good at Pumpernill, that is until Aunt Mary is tragically found suffocated during Melanie's first visit. Melanie's investigative pedigree quickly comes to light and the club members urge her to track the killer. Suspects, motives and opportunities are plentiful. Melanie simply has to sniff out the culprit - and watch her back.

Chow Down (englisch)
hier bestellen Chow Down
Berenson, Laurien, 2006
Kensington Publishing Corporation, ISBN(13)
978-0758208163, ISBN(10) 0758208162, US$ 6,99

Melanie Travis's standard poodle, Faith, is a finalist in a contest sponsored by Champions Dog Food company, which is in search of the next "spokesdog" for a new dog food. Though Melanie and her new husband, Sam, have no modeling ambitions for Faith—her nine-year-old son, Davey, entered the pooch without her knowing—the other finalists' competitive owners are lured by the promise of a $100,000 contract. What begins as a matter of grooming and carriage becomes the stuff of life and death when Larry Kim, the handler of a Yorkshire terrier, plunges to his death down a stairwell. Once again, Melanie, a Greenwich, Conn., teacher, sets about carefully piecing together the clues to solve the crime. Berenson creatively combines a multitude of red herrings with plenty of twists and turns for a tight suspenseful package.

Houndes to Death (englisch) hier bestellen Hounded to Death (englisch)
Berenson, Laurien, 2008
Kensington Pub Corp, ISBN(13)
978-0758216052, ISBN(10) 075821605X, US$ 7,99

Dog show enthusiast Melanie Travis, starring in her perky 14th whodunit (after 2006's Chow Down), puts her four-months-pregnant self into the back of a minivan and heads off to a canine judging symposium in the Poconos with her sister-in-law, Bertie, a professional dog handler, and Aunt Peg, a respected judge of poodles. The three expect a relaxing vacation, but a few hours after keynote speaker Charles Evans shocks his audience by announcing that dog shows are unethical, Melanie and Co. discover Evans dead in the hotel hot tub. Was he offed by an angry judge, or did his wife finally decide that his countless affairs were intolerable? Sleuthing isn't the only thing occupying Melanie—she's also busy looking out for her 60-something aunt, who's pursuing romance with a younger man she met over the Internet. Berenson refrains from overloading the mystery with too many dog details, and though a few character development devices never get off the ground, this canine cozy is still absorbing enough to delight even cat lovers.

Doggie Day Care Murder (englisch) hier
Doggie Day Care Murder (englisch)
Berenson, Laurien, 2009
Kensington Pub Corp, ISBN(13)
978-0758216069, ISBN(10) 0758216068, US$ 6,99

At the start of Berenson's warm and fuzzy 15th dog mystery (after 2007's Hounded to Death), Melanie Travis, standard poodle lover and dedicated amateur sleuth, checks out the Pine Ridge Canine Care Center in Stamford, Conn., on behalf of Alice Brickman, a mom recently returned to the work force who needs a place to park her golden retriever. On Melanie's second tour of the posh doggie day care center, she discovers the corpse of seriously cute Steve Pine, who co-owned Pine Ridge with his sister, Candy. On Alice's wacky recommendation (She's like Nancy Drew. Melanie finds murderers and makes them confess), Candy asks Melanie to catch the killer. Who cares if Melanie isn't a licensed PI or the local police department doesn't appear to investigate anything? With winning pluck and lots of luck, Berenson's cluehound pursues another cute tail-wagging puzzler.
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