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Empfehlenswerte Hundekrimis aus den USA in englischer Sprache.

Carol Lee Benjamin

The Dog Who Knew Too Much ist nicht mehr erhältlich.

Death in Bloodhound Red
hier bestellen This Dog for Hire (englisch)
Benjamin, Carol Lea, 01/1998
Dell Publishing Company, ISBN 0440225205, US$ 6,50

From Soho galleries to the glamour of the Westminster Kennel Club competition at Madison Square Garden, P.I. Rachel Alexander and her formidable canine partner, Dash, search for a witness to the murder of a New York artist--his dog.

A Hell of a Dog
hier bestellen A Hell of a Dog (englisch)
Benjamin, Carol Lea, 10/1999
Dell Publishing Company, ISBN 0440225485, US$ 5,99

Who do you call when you're hosting a New York symposium of dog trainers who seem less likely to throw sticks for their charges to fetch than to use them to beat each other to death? The obvious choice is trainer-turned-shamus Rachel Alexander and her pit bull Dashiell (The Dog Who Knew Too Much, 1997, etc.), so symposium organizer Samantha Lewis offers the pair a hefty fee, free room and biscuits at the Ritz, and a couple of panels to provide cover for their snooping activities. And snoop they...

Lady Vanishes
hier bestellen Lady Vanishes (englisch)
Benjamin, Carol Lea, 10/2001
Walker & Company, ISBN 0802776191, US$ 8,95

Everybody who works at Harbor View, the Manhattan residential facility for a dozen autistic and Down's syndrome patients, loves the grueling work they share, but nobody loved the patients and the challenges they pose more than Lady, the mop-headed puli who worked as their therapy dog for over a year before she disappeared one night, shortly before someone ran down Harbor View co-owner Harry Dietrich on a bike and left Dr. Eli Kagan the sole owner. And when Venus White, the Harbor View manager as...

The Wrong Dog
hier bestellen The Wrong Dog (englisch)
Benjamin, Carol Lea, 10/2000
Walker & Company, ISBN 0802733484, US$ 23,95

Sophie Gordon, a special-education teacher with epilepsy, hires sleuth and dog trainer Rachel Alexander to help her find a doctor who cloned a white bull-terrier puppy from Blanche, Sophie's ailing seizure-alert dog. The puppy cannot detect seizures, and Sophie wants to alert the doctor. But just after Rachel and her pit bull, Dash, take the case, Sophie dies suspiciously, and shadowy criminals pursue Rachel. This fifth Rachel Alexander mystery is one of the series' best. Benjamin's human and...

The Long Good Boy hier bestellen The Long Good Boy (englisch)
Benjamin, Carol Lea, 10/2001
Walker & Company, ISBN 0802733646, US$ 23,95

Three transsexual prostitutes, working a warehouse district in lower Manhattan, enlist private detective Rachel Alexander to find the murderer of one of their coworkers, who was killed following the infamous Greenwich Village Halloween parade. As Rachel investigates, with the help of her pit bull, Dash, she finds the death tied to the murder of an undercover cop. To solve the case, Rachel must walk on the wild side herself, posing as a prostitute with only Dash for protection. This sixth mystery...


Howling Bloody Murder (englisch)
hier bestellen Howling Bloody Murder (englisch)
Wright, Sue Owens, 2001
Dog Eared Book, ISBN 0976897709, US$ 14,50

In Howling Bloody Murder, her first book, Sue Owens Wright introduces half-Washoe Indian Elsie "Beanie" MacBean and her basset hound Cruiser. Land disputes at Lake Tahoe between developers and the Washoe turn deadly, and it's up to Beanie to clear a Tribal Elder's name.
Wirklich spannend! Mehr dazu findest Du bei Beanie and Cruiser.

Sirius About Murder (englisch)
hier bestellen Sirius About Murder (englisch)
Wright, Sue Owens, 2006
Five Star, ISBN 1594143641, US$ 25,95

Someone in South Lake Tahoe is Sirius about murder, and dog owners and their pets are about to discover that the killer's bite is much worse than his bark. Elsie MacBean (Beanie) and her Basset Hound, Cruiser, find themselves dewlap-deep in a murder investigation when supporters of a controversial dog park, proposed for a coveted tract of Tahoe shoreline, are earmarked for death. The fur starts to fly at a Howlowe'en fund-raiser for Alpine Paws Park when Abigail Haversham, heiress to the lakeside property, is discovered strangled near the Psychic Paws booth after her quarrel with Madame Pawline, a pet psychic with a bone to pick. Mounting evidence implicates the pet psychic in Abigail's murder, but Beanie and Cruiser are also hot on the trail of other quarry in the Sirius killings. When Tahoe's dog fanciers pack together at spooky old Haversham House for the Halloween Bark in the Park costume ball, will the vicious killer seize this opportunity to unleash his revenge on them? The hunters become the hunted when Sirius comes sniffing after Beanie and Cruiser. Only Beanie's unbreakable bond with Cruiser can nip this crime spree before they become the next victims of the Sirius Killer.


The Unscratchables (englisch)
hier bestellen The Unscratchables (englisch)
Kane, Cornelius, 2009
, ISBN(13) 978-1416596417, ISBN(10) 1416596410, EUR 9,99

CRUSHER McNASH is the police force's most fearless detective, a barrel-chested bull terrier with a biscuit-thin temper and a barbed-wire tongue.
CASSIUS LAP is the finest agent in the Feline Bureau of Investigation, an imperturbable Siamese with a mind as sharp as a can opener.
SAN BERNARDO is their territory, a seething metropolis where fat-cats prance in the exclusive island enclave of Kathattan while working dogs wallow in the stinking squalor of the Kennels.
When a couple of Rottweiler gangsters are brutally murdered, Crusher McNash tries to convince himself that it's nothing unusual -- just another underworld territorial dispute. But after the sniffer squad identifies a feral-cat killer, McNash is forced to do the unthinkable -- team up with a prissy Siamese from the FBI. The trail leads from junkyards to gambling dens, from cat prisons to baronial estates, in the process unraveling an awesome conspiracy involving domination techniques, population control, and the megalomaniacal ambitions of fox media magnate Phineas Reynard

Blick hinein

A Nose For Murder (englisch)
hier bestellen A Nose For Murder (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2003
Avon Books, ISBN 0060524936, US$ 6,99

Jack's a dog trainer and behavioral specialist - not to mention the "main squeeze" of smart and sexy, part-time medical examiner, Jamie Cutter. That's why he's standing in a secluded cabin by a lake on an icy December evening, with Allison DeMarco lying dead on her kitchen floor, and her high-strung Airedale, Ginger, going ape in the corner. You can't teach an old dog - or cop - new tricks, so this homicide has Jack hooked... especially since poor Ginger seems to be the only witness! In a world of misbehaving mutts and pesky purebreds, a killer may be waiting to make Jack, Jamie, and their puppy-pals roll over and play dead!

Murder Unleashed (englisch)
hier bestellen Murder Unleashed (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2003
Avon Books, ISBN 0060524944, US$ 6,99

In his second mystery, dog trainer/sleuth Jack Field and his crime- solving canine companions come to the rescue of a helpless canine unfairly accused of murder when the body of a State Supreme Court Justice is found with his throat ripped to shreds.

To Collar A Killer (englisch)
hier bestellen To Collar A Killer (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2004
Avon Books, ISBN 0060524952, US$ 6,99

In this delightful and witty third book in our wonderful series created by veteran dog trainer Lee Charles Kelley, a clever kennel owner, his lady love, and his loyal canines must solve their most sinister mystery yet!
One of Maine kennel owner Jack Field's favourite pastimes is spending quality time with a fun-loving pooch--which is why he's playing fetch with a Corgi named Tipper instead of mingling at a July 4th shindig. But when Tipper returns with a bloodstained boating cap in his teeth, the ex-New York cop decides to investigate…and finds an anonymous dead body clutching the tennis ball Jack tossed away moments before. The local law think Jack's the killer, since he had the opportunity and, as it turns out, a motive. Even his loyal and lovely fiancÉe, sometime medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter, is troubled by evidence that contradicts Jack's tale. Someone's going to great lengths to frame Jack Field, and he's determined to find out why--even though everyone, from a powerful tycoon to a Miami drug lord to a whole passel of professional killers, is equally determined to see him doggoned dead!

Twas the Bite before Christmas (englisch)
Twas the Bite before Christmas (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2005
Avon Books, ISBN
0060732288, US$ 6,99
Dogged Pursuit (englisch)
hier bestellen Dogged Pursuit (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2006
Avon Books, ISBN 0060732296, US$ 6,99

Jack Field thinks that nothing can dampen his spirits this beautiful Maine October, what with his wedding to smart and sexy state medical examiner Dr. Jamie Cutter only weeks away. But when he hears about a young woman's body found in a nearby lake -- a body that could be that of Jack's young runaway employee who's been fleeing a stalker she claimed murdered her mother -- the ex-cop kennel owner is chilled to the bone. And soon a black cloud gathers and darkens the couple's happy days, because a sadistic serial killer is using the pristine New England woods for a hunting ground.

The quiet, uncomplicated nuptials Jack and Jamie were looking forward to now seem as unlikely as a dog day in December. And if Jack and his loyal canine companions can't sniff out the grim truth about twenty monstrous murders, his joyous wedding with Jamie may soon turn into a double funeral.

Lie A Dog With A Bone (englisch)
Like A Dog With A Bone (englisch)
Kelley, Lee Charles, 2007
Avon Books, ISBN(13)
978-0060732301, ISBN(10) 006073230X, US$ 6,99

In this suspenseful sixth book in our medium-boiled series created by veteran dog trainer, Lee Charles Kelley, kennel owner Jack Field stumbles into a decade-long family mystery.
Dead Canaries Don´t Sing (englisch) hier
Dead Canaries Don´t Sing (englisch)
Baxter, Cynthia, 2004
Bantam Books, ISBN 0553586416, US$ 6,99

The sun is barely up and the day is already going to the dogs. Literally. As Dr. Jessica Popper embarks on a house call to a local horse farm, her one-eyed Dalmatian, Lou, and her tailless Westie, Max, stumble upon something unexpected: a corpse half buried in the woods. As Max happily digs up the dead canary planted near the body, Jessie realizes that this corpse was clearly about to sing. But about what? Or whom? Enlisting the aid of her on-again, off-again lover, PI Nick Burby, Jess applies the stubbornness of a bloodhound and the agile moves of a cat to identify a menagerie of suspects...including one who wants her off the case badly enough to kill again.

Putting On The Dog (englisch)
Putting On The Dog (englisch)
Baxter, Cynthia, 2004
Bantam Books, ISBN 0553586424, US$ 6,99

This time around, amateur sleuth Jessica Popper, D.V.M, is manning the "Ask the Vet" booth for a week at a high-profile SPCA fund-raiser in the Long Island Bromptons (think Hamptons). Her first night there, Devon Barnett, a sleazy tabloid photographer, is killed when an enormous ice sculpture falls on him as he lurks in the shrubbery at a swank dinner party. The police and celebrity residents of the Bromptons seem content to write off his death as an accident, but Jess thinks otherwise. Snooping, however, is a little tough when her boyfriend, Nick, shows up with romance in mind, and her host, hunky film star Shawn Elliot, is determined to sweep her off her feet. Jess has a sneaking suspicion the answer to Devon's murder lies in his locked photo studio, but according to his gay lover, Chess, the studio is off-limits to everybody. The tale moves smoothly as Jess mingles with the film industry's hottest stars, tracking down clues, but readers will derive the most pleasure from the antics of Jess's canine companions, Max and Lou, the author's behind-the-scenes look at dog shows and the sprinkling of information she provides on each breed.

Sit, Stay, Slay (englisch)
Sit, Stay, Slay (englisch)
Johnston, Linda, 2005
Berkley Publishing Group, ISBN
0425200000, US$ 5,99

Canned from her L.A. law firm, Kendra Ballantyne is now a freelance pet-sitter. When her clients start getting knocked off one by one, Kendra fears she's being set up. Aided by sexy detective Jeff Hubbard, she's got to find out why, and fast. This killer's animal instincts are downright dangerous.

The Serpents Trail (englisch)
The Serpents Trail (englisch)
Henry, Sue, 2005
Onyx Books, ISBN
0451411781, US$ 6,99

Retiree Maxie McNabb, a spry 63 years old, gets a call for help from her old friend Grace and immediately sets off in her Winnebago on the lengthy jaunt from Alaska to Grand Junction, Colorado. When Maxie arrives, Grace is hospitalized, muttering deliriously about secrets--and then she dies abruptly. This mystery starts a new series by Henry, author of the popular Jessie Arnold novels. She appears to have another winner on her hands. The strong older characters are well developed and will appeal to fans of Mrs. Pollifax and Peter Abresch's Jim Dandy mysteries. The story builds suspense effectively, and the descriptions of the West, particularly the national parks, will draw the Nevada Barr crowd. There's even an appealing dog, a dachshund named Stretch, to attract canine mystery readers. Only a less-than-convincing ending keeps this one from straight As, but it's still a fine series debut.

Whiskey on the Rocks (englisch)
Whiskey on the Rocks (englisch)
Wright, Nina, 2005
Midnight Ink, ISBN
073870749X, US$ 13,95

Set in the small resort town of Magnet Springs, Mich., Wright's diverting debut introduces Whiskey Mattimoe, a recently widowed 30-something real estate broker. Things are pretty slow in Magnet Springs, until an out-of-towner drops dead at a local massage parlor. Pricklier still, the mystery man's wife shows up in Magnet Springs to tie up loose ends—and is bludgeoned to death in the house she just happens to be renting from Whiskey. Throw in dognapping and art forgery, and it's quite a caper. Unfortunately, the denouement is so complicated and depends on so many coincidences that readers will need to take notes to keep track of all the details. Still, this is a fun read, and if Wright can simplify things a bit, she'll have a cozy series as satisfying as a fine single malt.

Bark M for Murder (englisch)
Bark M for Murder (englisch)
verschiedene Autoren, 2006
Avon Books, ISBN
006081537X, US$ 6,99

Who let the dogs out?
Evildoers beware! Four of mystery fiction's top storytellers are setting the hounds on your trail -- in an incomparable quartet of crime stories with a canine edge. Man's (and woman's) best friends take the lead in this phenomenal collection of tales tense and surprising, humorous and thrilling: New York Times bestselling author J.A. Jance's spellbinding saga of a scam-busting septuagenarian and her two golden retrievers; Anthony Award winner Virginia Lanier's pureblood thriller featuring bloodhounds and bloody murder; Chassie West's suspenseful stunner about a life-saving German shepherd and a ghastly forgotten crime; rising star Lee Charles Kelley's edge-of-your-seat yarn that pits an ex-cop/kennel owner and a yappy toy poodle against a craven killer.

Smoky Mountain Tracks (englisch)
Smoky Mountain Tracks (englisch)
Ball, Donna, 2006
Signet Book, ISBN 0451218027, US$ 6,99

he first in a new mystery series featuring Raine Stockton and her canine hero Cisco. A child has been kidnapped and abandoned in the wilderness in the dead of winter, and it's up to Raine and her inexperienced tracking dog to find her. Can she learn to trust her dog's instincts-- and her own-- before it's too late?

Rapid Fire (englisch)
Rapid Fire (englisch)
Ball, Donna, 2006
Signet Book, ISBN
0451219996, US$ 6,99

With her kennel business and her part-time job with the forest service, Raine Stockton is having a hectic summer when the FBI drops in to see her about her old flame Andy Fontana. Fontana disappeared from her life when he was connected with an act of sabotage that left several people dead. Now, he's an eco-terrorist on the Ten Most Wanted list, and the feds think Raine can help them bring him to justice.
The FBI suspects Andy has returned to retrieve a fortune in diamonds he hid in the wilderness. He also may be responsible for a recent wave of property damage, and an unsolved hit-and-run death.With the help of her loyal Golden Retriever, Cisco, Raine must discover the truth about the man she once loved, and uncover a killer in the process.

Gun Shy (englisch)
Gun Shy (englisch)
Ball, Donna, 2007
Signet Book, ISBN(13)
978-0451221896, ISBN(10) 0451221893, US$ 6,99

It's the height of leaf season in the Smoky Mountains and, between finding lost campers and helping with
the annual fundraiser for the new animal shelter Raine has her hands full.  But when she is called out on an emergency to rescue an abandoned Labrador retriever who has been trapped inside a cabin with the body of his murdered mistress, her life takes a dramatic turn for the worse. Don't miss this exciting new installment in the adventures of Raine and Cisco!

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